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Jayco Skylark Travel Trailer

Roaming Times brings you the Jayco press release of December 2009. We will -provide a full review with interior pictures, floorplans etc. as soon as details become available:
Source: forums, Greg Gerber and Jayco - many thanks

LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- Jayco chose the 47th National RV Trade Show as the stage to launch its innovative, contemporary and energy-efficient 2011 Skylark travel trailer.

2011 Jayco Skylark travel trailer exterior

The Skylark is 30 percent lighter in weight than a conventionally-built travel trailer of the same length. Designed to be towed by more than 75 percent of today's cars, SUVs and light trucks, the 22-foot Skylark weights only 2,950 pounds. In addition, the 2011 Skylark boasts other features aimed at improving towability, including a V-nose front profile and moving the air conditioner from the roofline to the floorline.

These construction and design enhancements provide the ability to cut through the wind and dramatically reduce drag. By placing the air conditioner on the floorline, the center of gravity is lowered, thus allowing a single axle system for less weight and the same performance.

2011 Jayco Skylark travel trailer towing

Contemporary styling and a nod to European designers can be seen throughout the Jayco Skylark with many new, innovative components. Euro-style tinted dual-page acrylic windows with integrated roller blind, lightweight cabinetry with brushed nickel hardware and a unique stainless steel sink with integrated faucet and cover.

Other interior features include a high-intensity 12-volt LED lighting package, linoleum flooring, jack-knife aluminum-framed sofa, two-burner cooktop with integrated cover and a 48-by-76-inch high-density foam mattress bed that lifts up easily on struts with extra storage underneath.

2011 Jayco Skylark travel trailer floorplan 21FKV

Currently (1/2010), this is the only Skylark floorplan

In addition to its lightweight construction and contemporary euro-styling, the 2011 Skylark answers the call toward being "greener" than other conventionally-built travel trailers of its size by offering standard features aimed at improving energy efficiency. Green technology such as LED lighting systems throughout help consume less than one-fourth the electricity than conventional lighting consumes, and lamps last about 10 times as long. Double-paned acrylic tinted windows, Azdel Super Lite Substrate in all lamination and various other "sustainable technology" techniques help keep the Skylark energy efficient.

An updated review of current models will follow in April 2010.