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2008 Keystone Passport

2008 Keystone Passport
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"Lightweight, fuel efficient travel trailers - don't travel without your passport"

2008 Keystone Passport exterior

Keystone say: "With customer demand for lightweight, fuel-efficient travel trailers at an all-time high, the Passport ultra-light finds favor with families who want to maximize fuel efficiency but maintain all of the conveniences of a well appointed, feature-packed RV. Youll never want to travel without your Passport."

2008 Keystone Passport interior

The 2008 Keystone Passport comes in four lengths between 22'7" and 30'7".

There are 7 floorplans available and we show 3 of these below:

2008 Keystone Passport 200QS
This is the shortest Passport with an overall length of22'7".

2008 Keystone Passport floorplan 200QS

2008 Keystone Passport 240QS
More than 3 feet longer with a good use of the extra length
(These floorplans - to maximize the space and make them as easy as possible to look at - are not shown to the same scale of course ..)

2008 Keystone Passport floorplan 240QS

2008 Keystone Passport 285RL
30'7" long with a slideout giving an even more spacious feeling. A beautiful layout.

2008 Keystone Passport floorplan 285RL

2008 Keystone Passport interior - looking rear
Another view of the beautiful interior
2008 Keystone Passport interior kitchen arrangement 2008 Keystone Passport storage
Lots of storage!
Just some of the features of the 2008 Keystone Passport :
    • Welded, Aluminum Frame, Laminated Walls with Polystyrene Block Foam Insulation
    • Gel-coat Fiberglass Skin
    • Large Galley Window
    • Wide range of optional extras available

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